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1. Please note that with effect from 1 August 2013, meetings may not be held at Dewan Freemason due to renovation works (anticipated to last approximately 1 year). Please contact the Secretary for meeting location details. Thank you for your understanding.

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What is Freemasonry? 2 quotations on the matter:

'Freemasonry is an ancient and respectable institution, embracing individuals of every nation, of every religion, and of every condition in life. Wealth, power and talents are not necessary to the person of a Freemason. An unblemished character and virtuous conduct are the only qualifications for admission in to the Order'. William Alexander Laurie, History of Freemasonry.


‘We represent a fraternity which believes in justice and truth and honorable action in your who are endeavoring to be better citizens...[and] to make a great country greater. This is the only institution in the world where we can meet on the level all sorts of people who want to live rightly.' Harry S. Truman, former President of the United States of America

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Freemasonry in Penang - forthcoming meetings:

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Welcome to Neptune Lodge No. 9849 E.C.'s home on the Internet. While our website is being developed, it is with the intent to keep our members informed of current events and relevant information, and is also available to be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in the world of Freemasonry in Penang, whether it is out of casual curiosity or of a more scholarly intent.

Neptune Lodge No. 9849 E.C. was consecrated in 2009, currently having 100 subscribing members (and growing), and if you are interested, you can learn more about the origins of our lodge by reading more via the links  at the top of this page.

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